How can you help us?

Rescue children from servitude and provide education

In order for us to move forward and enable other children to leave servitude behind and to have access to quality education, your help is needed.
How? For example, you can spread around information about the association, for instance by distributing this tract.
You can become an active member of the association with an annual donation of 20 USD.

You can become a benefactor member by making a donation of 120 USD and an annual contribution of 30USD.

You will regularly receive detailed information about the children and their progress, thanks to the contacts we have with the director of the partner school in Pokhara.

Krishna avec les 3 enfants

At the present exchange rate, the cost of an entire school year in boarding school, all expenses paid, including the uniform (mandatory in Nepal), clothing and school supplies, amounts to 1300 USD.

Depending on the donations we receive, thanks to our correspondents on location, we will be able to help other child slaves to have access to education in favorable conditions, so that they

Join the association!

I decide to help the association Chengdoma, Solidarity with Nepal, rescuing other nepalese children from slavery and wretched conditions of life, and affording them good standard education and better future.

To join the association Chengdoma, I load the  Membership form .

The entire amount of donations is used for schooling, boarding and clothing of the children.